Why Advertise With BriteLite Media

Need to expand your marketing reach?

Want to start advertising your business? Looking for an addition to your current marketing mix?

See how cost-effective LED digital displays fit your needs!

Our Digital Billboard has brought local, Marion advertising to a whole new level.  We utilize the latest eye-catching LED technology at one of the busiest intersections in Marion!   With messages that are easily changed, you can display different ads at different times year or months!  Your message is both relevant and timely.

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Schedule time-specific advertising
A local TV station can set up playlists advertising its morning show, daytime programming in the afternoon, and primetime lineup while people drive home from work.

Greater flexibility
Advertise during specific hours for a shorter time period.

Make a difference in your community!

  • Amber™ alerts
  • Weather advisories
  • National security alerts
  • Breaking news

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